September 5, 2016

Samsung sell affordable smartphones in their refurbish program

Based to the Reuters news, those high end and refurbished Samsung handsets will be 
available to consumers from as early as next year. The new plan will refurbished and then sell handsets which have been returned by Samsung customers who had signed up to be a part of the new year upgrade program and will be offer at low prices.

At this period it is uncertain how much discount consumers will get or in which areas the offer will be available yet it looks a follow on from Apple who have offered refurbished phones in a number of areas such as United States for some time.

The move might possibly allow Samsung Company to open up a new profit and assist them in fighting with the cheaper priced Chinese handsets.

This will be a huge plus when it comes to rivaling in the market such as India where the majority of shoppers cannot afford the high-end Samsung devices. There might be a complains just like the cellular country complaints about the device however Samsung will surely check first the refurbished handsets before they offer it to the public. 

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